Setting Boundaries to Keep Your Sanity and Your Clients

Taking both responsibility and space can be hard on your mojo when you work for yourself, especially when you first get started. You can find yourself working all hours, answering emails from clients on weekends, watching your scope of work creep way over budget and chasing down payments. This upbeat, non-tech, hopefully humorous presentation will share lessons from almost 15 years experience and highlight areas where boundaries can make your client happier and you more enthusiastic… and productive. Things like setting reasonable business hours and sticking to them, contract imperatives, what to do when the project changes but the budget hasn’t, and finally deciding how, when and if to fire a client (also known as ‘It’s not you, it’s me’). This talk is ideal for those starting out running their own business or freelancing, students and even potentially those looking to work with a designer in future.