Increase Your Personal Bandwidth: Singlehandedly Manage 100’s of WP Sites & Clients

Do you ever get tired of having to navigate to each client’s Dropbox folder, PayPal profile, and /wp-admin/? What about updating plugins across lots of sites? My small agency killed our WordPress Multisite and moved to individual WP “single site” installs with MainWP to manage them. We also built our own plugin for client profiles and documentation that connects us to all our client’s data, in one place.

Come learn how we solved the problem of managing all our client’s info across many places and platforms: WP Admin, Asana, MainWP, hosting dashboard, Stripe, uptime monitor, domain registrar, documentation, and more! Plus, why we moved from Multisite to managed cloud servers with MainWP. I’ll walk you through what we learned and the mistakes we made along the way. You’ll also learn how you can replicate it for your own business’s needs.