Drop-kick Imposter Syndrome

I started, like a lot of developers, from ground zero. I taught myself HTML in the GeoCities days and, when I discovered open source software, the first thing I did was started ripping apart code to customize it for my site and my own personal use. I now write code for global enterprise businesses with thousands of users and millions of visitors. In the intervening time, I’ve had plenty of opportunities to confront feelings of inadequacy, of feeling like I’m not actually that good and that no one would ever listen to me. Everyone suffers from imposter syndrome at some point, for a variety of reasons. The key to overcoming imposter syndrome is understanding your own skills and what you’re fantastic at. Learning how to manage imposter syndrome could be the difference between taking the skills and knowledge you’ve acquired through years of experience and training and applying to that awesome job, or being too afraid to hit the apply button because you don’t believe
you actually have enough experience, recognition or some other artificial excuse. This talk will share some of my personal experiences and how I tamed my own imposter syndrome and will suggest some strategies for overcoming yours.