Kids 17 & under can get into WCSLC free!

WordCamps are all about education and learning and sharing knowledge. But one thing we’ve never done at WordCamp Salt Lake City is invite kids to learn alongside everyone else. We’re changing that this year.

While kids have never been explicitly excluded from WordCamp SLC, we’ve never taken the time to actually invite them or provide any kind of resources for kids and their parents. So, this year, we’re making it easier to take your kids to WordCamp with you. Using the wcslc2017-17-and-under you’ll get a full price discount ($20 off) for kids and young adults.

Kid president dancing with grover

A couple caveats:

  • This coupon code can’t be used in combination with another coupon code. So if you’re using, for example, the early bird discount, you’ll need to register yourself and your kid separately.
  • There will be no child care available at WordCamp SLC. It’s assumed that you will keep track of your own kid or that they are old enough to take care of themselves.
  • There’s no specific kids camp or kids track (this year). But they’re welcome to hang out with you, at the Happiness Bar, or attend whatever talks they are interested in.
  • This offer only extends to kids and young adults 17 and under. But we do have a coupon for students — wcslc2017-student — for $10 off.
  • It’s unlikely that we will have youth-sized t-shirts, but they can get an adult small.
  • Please make sure to actually register your kids. That way we are able to properly make a head count for shirts, badges and food.

If you have a kid that’s interested in WordPress, coding, or making websites, this is a great opportunity to introduce them to the WordPress community, and some of our amazing friends, colleagues and teachers!

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